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TDI stands for Test Development Innovators, and we strive to live up to the name. Our prowess in industrial testing services renders us unbeatable among competitors. Whether you require consultation in test design, machination for testing purposes, test administration, or development of testing protocol, TDI has you covered. Our various types of testing service are all founded in over 25 years of industry experience, plus the combined expertise of our team of engineers and innovators.


Service Types


Test Protocol: Protocol can be difficult, so allow us to set your standards. We will synthesize your biggest priorities and the concerns of your customers to determine compliance protocol for the design, assembly, and fabrication of your products. 


Testing Services: We perform a variety of tests for companies and products like yours to determine product efficacy. Our tests are performed onsite at your facility or in our 25,000 square foot state-of-the-art testing space.


Test Development: The most important part of the testing process is being sure the test itself is sound. We will develop tests for your product or process to be certain that every detail is covered.


Test Machines: More often than not, industrial testing requires machines. We will design, prototype, and fabricate custom testing machines to evaluate your products.


Testing Types





Why TDI?

Consider our 25+ years of experience, skill in multiple industries, and modernity of processes when choosing a partner for industrial testing services. We work closely with our customers to determine your needs and gather as much pertinent information as possible to serve you comprehensively. Consider also our 25,000 square foot testing facility, located in Morton, IL, which provides the ideal atmosphere for elite industrial testing services. Partner with TDI to develop testing protocol and take advantage of our other industrial testing services.


Contact TDI to provide all of your industrial testing services in the Chicago, IL area and the greater Midwest. 309-263-6000.

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