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Springfield, IL


Springfield, IL, the state’s capital, is a center for industry, agriculture, and manufacturing in the Midwest. TDI is a primary provider of services and support for these industries and more. Offering testing services and equipment, data acquisition and control systems, machining, and more, TDI fully outfits automotive and heavy equipment manufacturers, textile factories, food processing plants, and mining companies.

What We Do


Control Solutions and Data Acquisition


At TDI, we understand the need for maximum efficiency in a production setting. Your end consumers are unrelenting in their demand of your exceptional product, and we want to help you supply it. One way to streamline production efficiency is with a fully-inclusive control system.


We can customize a system that will allow you optimal control while housing the intuition to automate as needed. We provide a remote access feature, so your system can be troubleshot or upgraded from afar. We also work with customers on solutions for data acquisition, aiming to provide the most advantageous methods for data mining in your industry. Better data begets better products.


Testing Services


As our name suggests, testing is our forte. We provide unmatched services including high pressure hydraulic testing, end of line testing and quality control, test development, test equipment, and more. Research and Development is another service we pride ourselves on, as it is our belief that well-crafted planning and information harvesting can ensure better product output.




The machining equipment at DSI is top of the line and highly sophisticated. The products, parts, and tools we are able to turn out as a result of our 25 years of expertise in machining are more so. We can design and fabricate custom parts to outfit one project or your entire production facility.


Machine and Process Upgrades


As a major government locale, Springfield, IL knows how to change with the times and understands the importance of regulations. At TDI, we support those initiatives by making certain your company’s machines, processes, and control infrastructures are as up-to-date as possible and in complete compliance with industry standards and regulations.


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