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Rockford, IL is the home of many established manufacturing companies seeking industrialized support. TDI offers the best in the business when it comes to testing services, research and development, production and manufacturing, and more.


What TDI Provides


Manufacturing and Production


Put your trust in the 25+ years of knowledge and experience we have at TDI. We have taken this time to fully understand our industry, so we are equipped in every way to help you excel in yours. We design, develop, consult, and manufacture usable solutions to revamp and grow your business.


  • Machining. We guarantee the results you want with our cutting edge machining technologies. We can mill, drill, cut, and turn to provide custom tools and fixtures, plus parts and machinery, built to your exact specifications to help you step up productivity.


  • Testing. At TDI, we are the Test Development Innovators and experts in testing services. We have a vast repertoire when it comes to testing. We offer quality control including high pressure hydraulics system tests, end of line evaluations, test development, fabrication of test equipment, product testing, and research and development. We will also consult with you on the basis of your testing protocol.


Data Acquisition and Control Solutions


We work alongside our customers, truly getting to know the ways in which data matters to your company and how you utilize machine control. With this information, we can better allocate the necessary resources to develop and upgrade your systems for increased productivity and output. We use the industry’s most up-to-date software and hardware to provide solutions that are cutting-edge. Our special features include custom electrical paneling and remote access to your infrastructure for easier and more efficient troubleshooting.




Rockford, IL is no stranger to the demands of technology and innovation. At TDI, we aim to support your facility through the ever-changing demands of business by upgrading your machines, processes, and control systems for better output and productivity.


Trust TDI

To organize a consultation or work with us on your next product or project, contact us at 309-263-6000.