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As Test Development Innovators, we take pride in our collaborations with companies in the area of research and development. We perform the research for you to help improve your product and process or we offer research and development tools built to your specifications. We understand that your end-user has high expectations and that there is huge demand for your product. We can assist in making your product and process more efficient and more compliant with assembly standards.


What TDI Offers


Test Protocol:

We will consult with you and develop efficient, focused test protocol to aid in production.


Test Machine Development:

We have the knowledge to develop one-of-a-kind test machines for use in your facility. Machines are customized to your specifications.


Test Machine Manufacturing and Operation:

We will fabricate and operate test machines to develop the latest advancements in fuel delivery systems and heavy equipment engines; additionally, we also help you implement the latest in machine control and data acquisition systems.


We aim to be instrumental to customers in the development of quality products. Learn more about our testing services here.



The TDI Process

Customer Process or Widget:

Our customers come to us with a process or widget needing to be designed and built. You describe your needs and your vision, and we can consult with you on the best way to create your vision.


Test Machine or Process:

Once we know what you are seeking, we will create a test machine or process to assess the most logical course of action.


Our conceptualization:

Once we have the solution to your need or problem, we will create a concept model for you.


Offer Quote:

Once our conceptualization is approved, we will offer a quote for the completion of your project.



We will blueprint our ideas into a workable, buildable plan and keep you informed every step of the way.



We have the necessary equipment, tools, and engineering capabilities to bring our shared vision to realization.


Rely on TDI

Our R&D services will make a dramatic difference in product testing, manufacturing and production, data acquisition, quality control and more. Contact TDI today at 309-263-6000 to discuss your vision for product research and development. We service the Illinois and the greater Midwest area. See what else we provide in a location near you:



The Research and Development experts at TDI merge the latest in technology with over 25 years of industry experience. Call us today.