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TDI/DSI understands

Your product is unique and your process is unlike any other in your industry. We are unique too. We understand what it feels like to have a brilliant idea or a game changing product and lack the machine you need, or the parts required to make your vision a reality. To address this need, we decided to start making those machines and parts ourselves.

TDI/DSI offers a wide variety of services to manufacturing companies like yours so that every innovation is outfitted with the tools, parts, and machinery needed to function properly in your setting. You’re the experts in what you do, we are just an ally. However, we are the experts in what we do, so our partnership will help both companies thrive. Check out what we offer:




 Manufacturing and Production Services

  • Equipment: We will design and fabricate custom equipment to suit your needs with consideration for the size of your product and facility, your desired output, and, of course, your budget.


  • Process development: We work with you to help determine a progression that suits your needs and leaves no component of your manufacturing process incomplete.


  • Parts: Whether you need to replace a part for your well-oiled machine or custom design a new part to make new things possible, we can help.


  • Tools: We can customize tools to do exactly what you need based on the size, shape, and specifications you provide.


  • Custom fixtures: Rest assured that every piece of your process is outfitted with the best quality parts by customizing even the most minute fixtures with TDI/DSI.


Choose TDI

Whether for assembly, manufacturing, or product testing, our custom equipment is sure to get the job done the way you intended. Coupled with our outstanding data acquisition solutions and DSI machining operations, your entire manufacturing process can be outfitted with the best in the business because it was customized for you.


TDI fabricates custom parts, tooling, and fixtures for all of your manufacturing needs: Manufacturing process development is a specialty of the experienced minds at TDI. For all your customized, quality-assured manufacturing and production needs, contact TDI today at 309-263-6000. Check out other services that TDI provides in a location near you: