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TDI offers unmatched data acquisitions and machine control solutions for companies in Peoria, IL.



The bustling city of Peoria, IL is home to a large and booming industry for agricultural machinery and other heavy equipment manufacturing. TDI sits 15 miles outside of Peoria, IL to the southeast, ready to serve factories and processing plants like yours. What can TDI do for your business?




TDI Services



TDI, the Test Development Innovators, specialize in providing testing services to the Peoria area. Services include, but are not limited to, developing test protocol and test materials, designing and fabricating test machines, performing testing for products, and consulting on the basis of product testing. We also offer the following specialized services:


  • High Pressure Hydraulics. TDI specializes in high pressure and ultra-high pressure hydraulics testing, including diesel fuel injection testing and any variety of fuel system performance testing.


  • Quality Control and End of Line. Ensure product efficiency, safety, and compliance with industry standards by committing to quality control and end of line testing through TDI. Our 25,000 square foot testing facility is equipped for testing, or we can perform testing onsite for you.


Manufacturing and Production

TDI has over 25 years of experience in the business of manufacturing and production. We can outfit your business with parts, tools, and fixtures customized to the specifications of your industry. We also offer consultation on the basis of your manufacturing process and protocol.


  • Machining. We fabricate custom parts and machinery to outfit your production needs. We continually service industries such as automotive, textiles, food processing, heavy equipment, agriculture, mining, and more with all machining needs.


  • Upgrades. TDI offers consultation on upgrading machinery, control solutions, and processes for businesses like yours. We also perform the upgrades and design plans for future upgrading with companies. Because we understand the importance of staying current in our industry, we value our ability to keep you current in yours.


Data Acquisition & Control Solutions

TDI will work with your process and the needs of your business to determine improved solutions for data retrieval. Utilizing the latest in hardware and applications, we can improve upon your current data acquisition structure and protocol or develop solutions from scratch. An efficient machine is only so intuitive, and most still need human intervention and control. Allow TDI to overhaul your control solutions and offer you a remote access feature for more involvement and ease of upgrade.


Peoria, IL trusts TDI. Located in nearby Morton, IL, we are a convenient partner for Peoria, IL companies and plants. Contact us today at 309-263-6000.