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A little secret of manufacturing is that factories and industrial companies often cannot produce their products without another company first manufacturing their machines and parts. If your company shares in this conundrum, rest assured that machining services are customizable and available to you.

DSI produces finished machinery parts through cutting, milling, drilling, turning and fabricating top-grade machining processes, and has done so for over 25 years. At DSI, it is our mission to provide customization in machining techniques so that the parts you need are comprehensive and intuitive. We understand that without collaborative, working parts and reliable machinery, your business cannot realize its full potential. Allow our machining engineers to craft the necessary parts and fixtures for you in our top-of-the-line facility.


Our machining services can outfit any process of production and can be applied to many different production industries. DSI customers represent nearly every facet of the manufacturing, production, and industrial fields; companies of varying size and end-consumer demographics choose DSI.



DSI Machining Applications


  • Automotive – We create machinery for automobiles and for auto factories alike.


  • Mining – We build machinery for mining companies so you can run smoothly underground. Let us help your company become the next “diamond in the rough” with our cutting-edge technology.


  • Manufacturing – Allow us to innovate, develop, and make upgrades to your machinery. Also, consider furnishing your data acquisition and control infrastructures through us.


  • Food processing -Any company in the food industry knows the value of trust: People trust your products with their lives. Consider DSI’s 25+ years of experience in making parts for your machines. You can trust us to honor the way food processing parts should be made.


  • Agriculture - Mother Nature knows how to throw a curve ball, especially in the Midwest. When times get tough, remember that DSI is ready to create machinery to meet your agricultural needs.


  • Heavy equipment -Heavy equipment means heavy duty jobs. DSI is a responsible company that doesn’t fool around when it comes to safety. We understand how even the smallest cog can play a pivotal role in how reliably a machine runs. Trust us with your heavy equipment machining needs.


  • Textiles – Allow us to fabricate your company’s textile machinery. We will weave our experience in the field of machining with our experts’ creativity to unravel whatever knots your textile company may encounter.


  • And More


DSI uses top of the line computerized numerical control (CNC) equipment to perform all types of machining tasks. It is important to us that our machines are of top quality so that we can ensure the same for you.


CNC Equipment


  • Vertical machining centers
  • Turning centers
  • Water-jet cutting machines
  • Electric discharge machining centers
  • And More


DSI is committed to providing parts and machines that exceed your expectations. Consider DSI for all of your machining needs in Morton, IL and the surrounding areas in the Midwest:



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