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Aging happens in every company. Machines and tools weaken and get rusty, processes become inefficient or lose applicability, and control infrastructures no longer support the behaviors of the machine or function at the desired output level. When it is symptomatically clear that something is outdated, it is often too late to upgrade without excess in cost. It takes experience and knowledge in multiple industries to identify a need for process or machine upgrades. TDI has that expertise to guide your upgrade.

TDI offers two major services related to control, process, and machine upgrades:


  1. Consultation: Assessing the potential need for an upgrade. 
  2. Facilitation: Providing the necessary upgraded materials through machining, research and development, or control solutions. There are three main upgrade types.



Upgrade Variations


Machine Upgrades:

Innovative products and streamlined processes cannot be fulfilled without proper mechanics to support the effort.


Process Upgrades:

Ensure optimal organization and productivity by consulting with us to streamline your process.


Control Upgrades:

Maximize control of all mechanics in your facility and upgrade your electrical panel with TDI. We also offer remote access solutions to allow remote troubleshooting and future upgrades from our office to yours.



Rely on TDI

TDI understands fluctuations in technology. We have watched the manufacturing and processing industries change over more than 25 years and developed an understanding of advancement. In our experience, more frequent and consistent upgrades can result in greater savings of time and money, and a generally streamlined process. Additionally, a consistently upgraded company will appear as more of an industry leader to competitors, vendors, and customers.


We understand the ideology that if something is not broken, it is not necessary to fix it. However, outdated functionality and procedure are either broken or lower functioning. It is more proactive and less risky to upgrade ahead of schedule.


Contact TDI today to set up a consultation for potential upgrades or to organize your control, process, or machine upgrades in the Illinois area or in the greater Midwest: 309-263-6000. See what services we provide in a location near you:



Is your process or machine in need of an upgrade? TDI provides expert consultation for process and machine upgrades.Trust your state-of-the-art process and machine upgrades to the team of expert engineers at TDI, in Morton, IL.