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“High pressure” for hydraulics is considered to be 10,000 to 100,000 PSI. It requires a great deP1010024-2-150x150al of heft and specialized machinery to produce that degree of pressure. TDI conducts high pressure leak testing and high pressure fuel injection testing for companies like yours.

Your hydraulic system will support a great deal of pressure and thus should be tested at comparable levels. We have the capacity to do that. What’s more, it is our personal mission to ensure that your hydraulic systems are safe and efficient. As an organization that complies with all OSHA regulations and general manufacturing safety standards, we understand the implications of an unstable hydraulic system. It is important to us to ensure efficacy for you.


Test Machines.

  • We manufacture customized high pressure test machines suited to the needs of your industry and production process. It is our goal, as it is yours, to create a more robust and reliable product for the end consumer.


Test Services.

  • For companies preferring not to house the testing machines onsite, TDI can perform high pressure hydraulic testing for you! We will work onsite or in our 25,000 square foot testing facility to leak test your products and ensure endurance, reliability, and compliance with standards.


High Pressure hydraulics testing services serve two essential purposes:



  1. Informing decisions about product design and development.
  2. Assessing current products or prototypes for leaks or inefficiency.


By partnering with TDI, customers can continue to focus on manufacturing and production and rest assured that when it comes to leak testing and high pressure or ultra-high pressure hydraulic testing, TDI has it covered. Our commitment to quality control is of the utmost importance to us, as it is for you. Test your hydraulic systems at the highest intended level to eliminate the concern for noncompliance or insufficient safety and efficiency of the system.


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