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You have created an innovative product to serve a valued purpose for your end consumer. The product was researched and developed by the best minds on your team and designed and manufactured using high quality production equipment in your state of the art facility but does it work?

TDI, located in Morton, IL is an expert in quality control and assurance. OuHYDRAULIC-BRAKE-CALIPER-MACHINING-FIXTURE-1-150x150r testing services are proven to be comprehensive and tailored to the needs of your industry. With more than 25 years of experience in our field, we are likely to understand yours very well. Our experience extends especially into the automotive, agricultural, textile, and food processing industries in addition to any field that relies on heavy equipment and machinery. We understand that in any production industry, quality control is the highest priority. We can partake in your quality control endeavors in a variety of ways.



TDI Testing Capabilities


We Test. Using our innovative test equipment, we are happy to test your product against the operational and assembly standards of your field.


We Outfit. Our specialty is to provide you with end of line and quality control testing devices to assess performance or conduct finished product evaluations. Our end of line testing equipment and performance tested products are customized to meet the needs of customers.


We Consult. We work with you and the standards that govern your industry to determine best practices for producing and evaluating your products.


Pneumatic Leak Testing



One of TDI’s specialties in end of line testing and quality control is pneumatic leak testing. Our pneumatic test equipment is modern and uniform in design, equipped to ensure optimum performance for your products or parts.





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Contact TDI for all of your end of line testing, performance tests, leak tests, and quality control needs at 309-263-6000. We provide our services in the Morton, IL area as well as throughout the Midwest: