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Decatur, IL is a central Illinois Mecca for agriculture, industry, and production. Decatur’s finest manufacturers partner with TDI/DSI for the best service in product testing, data acquisition solutions, machining, and more.

TDI Services




Testing is a huge part of what makes TDI great. We share our elite expertise and industry leading equipment and facility to make sure your products and processes are thoroughly tested. We can provide you with testing equipment and protocol or perform tests for you.


  • High Pressure Hydraulics. Fuel injection testing and fuel system performance assessments are a few of our specialties at TDI. We can provide high pressure and ultra-high pressure testing for your hydraulics system in our state-of-the-art facility.


  • Quality Control and End of Line Testing. Giving every product its final once-over is one of the most important steps of production. As you know, a faulty product can mean major backlash for your brand and cause an uproar among consumers. In some industries, a faulty product or part may be unsafe or dangerous for the end-consumer. TDI respects the importance of quality assurance and offers premium end of line testing and equipment.


Manufacturing and Production


At TDI, we customize solutions for every facet of manufacturing and production. Every step of the way, TDI offers the expertise you seek in collaboration.


  • Machining. Milling, drilling, cutting, turning you name it, TDI/DSI does it. Our machining equipment is top of the line and upgraded consistently to ensure the best possible performance for you. We can design and fabricate machinery, tools, parts, and fixtures to your specifications to make production easier for you.


  • Upgrades. We do the research and track the information on upgrades so you can keep doing what you do best, because keeping your company running smoothly is what we do best. Allow us to upgrade your machines, processes, and control systems. We also offer consultation to determine if you are in need of an upgrade.


TDI empowers Decatur, IL. Tucked away in Morton, IL, we are a close cousin for companies and processing plants in Decatur, IL. Contact us for more information at 309-263-6000.