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Davenport, IA is an agricultural manufacturing industry capital, serving the Midwest and Cornbelt with the highest quality in heavy machinery production and food processing plants. TDI is a champion of service to the best in these businesses. The collaborations TDI has enacted in Davenport, IA to this point have been monumental for industries such as agricultural production, food processing, mining, textiles, and automotive. Our 25+ years of industry experience and team of certified engineers cannot be outdone. Moreover, our menu of services is so vast and comprehensive you won’t need another partner.

TDI Services


Manufacturing and Production

For decades, TDI has provided consultative support and custom supplies to companies like yours. We can outfit your process with control infrastructure, test equipment, machinery, parts, tools, and data acquisition solutions. As your go-to support provider, we get to know your business goals, your process, and your products to better help you in serving your end consumer.


  • Machining. TDI/DSI designs and builds custom machines, parts, tools, and fixtures to meet every need of your growing production process. Whatever your requirements, our innovative machining equipment has you covered.


  • Upgrades. We provide consulting and advisement for mechanical, control, and process upgrades for our customers. We also conduct upgrades for all of your machines and would be happy to construct protocol for future upgrades on behalf of your business. We value modernization and see the significance in consistent upgrading.



Data Acquisition and Control Solutions

It is our mission to communicate with you and understand your business to develop unprecedented solutions for accessing and acquiring data. Our modern hardware and tools allow us to make great strides in improving your present data mining processes. We also offer customized Control Solutions to allow you optimal intervention capabilities with your systems.



We are Test Development Innovators by name and by expertise. Our specialties include:


  • High pressure hydraulics testing
  • End of line and quality control testing
  • Test development
  • Test Equipment Fabrication
  • Product Testing
  • Research and Development



Collaborate with TDI

Located to the southeast in Morton, IL, we are a neighboring outfitter for companies and plants in Iowa. Contact us today at 309-263-6000.