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TDI in Morton, IL offers advanced solutions for machine control and operation, including electric panels. We also design data acquisition solutions for companies like yours.

Control Solutions



TDI has the experience and expertise to modify control systems for companies in various industries. The experts at TDI synthesize customer-provided information and analyze company processes to best match the control system to the specific applications and needs of personnel. TDI will design or upgrade your system with the goals of customization and usability in mind.




Consider the following control capabilities from TDI:


  • Machine Control Retrofits*. TDI will replace your outdated or entirely obsolete PLC systems with Allen Bradley (or comparable) control systems.


  • Custom Electrical Panels*. TDI will provide unique designs and build custom electrical panels to suit your particular application.


  • Signage. TDI uses state-of-the-art laser plastic laminate cutting machines for mechanical signs and electrical cabinet signs.


  • Remote Access*. TDI offers a remote access feature, allowing experts to remotely troubleshoot and upgrade your control systems. With this feature, domestic and overseas customers can receive quality TDI service.


Data Acquisition Solutions



With more than 25 years in the industry and the knowledge and skill at hand, the experts at TDI provide truly intuitive data acquisition solutions, tailored to the needs of customers in any industry. Acquire results from performance testing.




Partnering with TDI affords customers:


  • Custom applications. TDI uses National Instruments Data Acquisition Systems to design, build, and program custom research and development applications.


  • Innovative hardware. TDI only employs top-of-the-line data acquisition hardware, such as:


    • Computer-based hardware
    • CompactDAQ
    • PXI systems



  • Information Organization. TDI provides all necessary documents packaged for the customer such as:


    • Electrical drawings
    • PLC
    • SCADA
    • Data Acquisition programs
    • Operations manuals


To upgrade your machine control system, request a custom electrical panel, or obtain more information about our data acquisition solutions, contact TDI at 309-263-6000.


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TDI is your provider of comprehensive, customizable data acquisition solutions.

Trust your control and data acquisition solutions to the 25 years of industry expertise at TDI.