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Chicago, IL is a mega-complex of commerce, retail, and wholesale. However, without the processing, production, and manufacturing behind the curtain, none of these products could exist. Chicago, IL understands the importance of manufacturing and trusts TDI to support product testing, machining, and data acquisitions.



What We Do


Control Solutions and Data Acquisition


A carefully orchestrated data acquisition process can help to inform future processes and product quality. Further, control solutions that allow for maximum human intervention in machine processing enable your personnel and your machines to form a team. We have found this is the best practice for optimum production. We also offer custom electrical panels to afford better control of your power operation.


Testing Services


It is no misnomer that the experts at TDI are considered Test Development Innovators. Our engineers are capable in every facet of industrialization and manufacturing, but test services are the specialty. Chicago, IL companies partnered with TDI have access to the latest in performance testing, including prototyping, test equipment, and protocol. TDI also offers consultation for product testing. Our tests include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • EOL and Quality Control. We all know what happens to products on the market which were not tested previously and are found erroneous by customers. Don’t be that company. TDI has the equipment and knowledge to test your products on your behalf or outfit your company with the equipment and protocol necessary to meet and exceed your industry standards. Our End of Line Testing and Quality Control processes are top notch; especially our pneumatic leak testing.


  • High Pressure Hydraulics. At 100,000 PSI, you want to know the company testing your hydraulic system is equipped, knowledgeable, and adherent to safety regulations. Work with TDI to ensure the best in high pressure and ultra-high pressure hydraulics testing. We understand the importance of well-tested fuel injection and fuel system performance.




Chicago, IL understands the fast track. Fewer cities are savvier or more modernized. As such, Chicagoans are no strangers to the need for consistent upgrades in process and equipment. TDI understands upgrading, too, and provides preeminent mechanical, process, and control upgrades for industrial business.


Rely on TDI

For consultation or to inquire further about the services we offer in Chicago, IL, contact us today at 309-263-6000.