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Champaign, IL, tucked into east-central Illinois, is at the crux of industry, production, and agriculture. Heavy equipment is prominent in Champaign, IL and partner-city Urbana, and as a result, TDI is prominent there as well. We work closely with companies in the Champaign area to provide processing, production, and manufacturing tools such as machining, test development, and business solutions.

Our Services

Manufacturing and Production


Trust the more than 25 years of experience we have in our field to know we can improve the work in yours. Our team of engineers is equipped mentally and physically to fulfill every manufacturing and production need for your company. We develop, design, consult, and fabricate solutions to help improve your process and product.


Testing Services


As the Test Development Innovators, testing is our area of foremost expertise. We work closely with you to better understand your process and the goals you have for your product. With that information, we are able to provide high quality testing services for your benefit. Champaign, IL manufacturers and processing firms can ensure the best for their businesses by partnering with TDI.


  • Hydraulics Testing. TDI has the equipment and expertise to perform high pressure and ultra-high pressure hydraulics testing for your system. We understand the importance of a functioning, superior hydraulics system.


  • Control Solutions and Data Acquisition. TDI offers customized data acquisition solutions from conceptualization to fabrication for companies like yours. TDI also creates control solutions tailored to the needs of your firm. We will consult with you to develop efficient processes for both data acquisition and machine control. We provide remote access features to allow our experts to troubleshoot any future problems you may have from across the state or the globe, if necessary.




Part of our expertise is within the realm of cutting, milling, and drilling to create customized tools, parts, and fixtures for your industry. Work with us to realize your vision for the ideal production equipment.



Collaborate with Us

To request a consultation or more information about our products and services for companies in Champaign, IL, call us at 309-263-6000.