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In the twin cities of Normal and Bloomington, IL, automotive, agricultural, and industrial companies continue to thrive. TDI, in nearby Morton, is a vital partner for all heavy equipment and processing industries in Bloomington, IL including companies like yours.

What We Offer


Manufacturing and Production


Our experience, exceeding 25 years in the industry, allows us ample expertise in production, processing, and manufacturing. Our team of qualified, skilled engineers offers design, fabrication, and consultation for industrial companies.




With the latest in water-jet cutting, turning, and vertical machining centers, TDI/DSI is equipped to handle your machining needs. We will customize to suit your industry and specifications including machinery, tools, parts, and fixtures.


Data Acquisition and Control Solutions


It is our mission to work closely with you to understand how data and control are important to your industry and your process. We use the best hardware and software to ensure the solutions we develop are up to the minute. We also offer custom electrical paneling and remote access for troubleshooting and upgrades.




As Test Development Innovators, we are the premier providers of testing services in Bloomington, IL. We are equipped with the resources, knowledge, and staff to develop tests and testing protocol for your industry. We also design and build testing machinery and offer consultation for production testing. Our testing services also include:


  • High Pressure Hydraulics. High pressure and ultra-high pressure hydraulics testing is monumental in terms of safety ratings and compliance. Few companies have the equipment and skill to perform the fuel-injection testing and fuel system performance evaluations we provide.


  • Quality Control and End of Line. TDI understands how important product quality is for your company. Your end consumer expects it as you have promised. Allow TDI to help determine your products are as intended with our expertise in end of line testing and quality assurance.




Bloomington, IL stays on the forefront of the industry by committing to innovation and modernization. Keeping up in a city like this requires frequent upgrades of policy and process, control infrastructure, and machinery. Our upgrading services include consultation and advisement on upgrades and performance of upgrades themselves.


Partner with TDI. We are committed to your end consumer and your production goals. Let’s work together. Contact us today a 309-263-6000.