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Leaders in Industrial Technology

Since its establishment in 1998, TDI/DSI has led the way in the niche industries of innovative testing, machining, machine control design, data acquisition, manufacturing and industrial technology in Morton, IL. Our capabilities far exceed research and development. Our engineering department is outfitted with expertise and experience in manufacturing, production, and more. The experts at TDI/DSI understand the demands placed on your company. Commerce is global and expectations are high: We get that. Whatever your industrial technology needs are, TDI/DSI is ready to meet them.


Test Development Innovators offers the following:

  • Automation of production
  • Just-in-time manufacturing
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Current machinery updates
  • Data acquisition systems
  • Machine control infrastructure
  • Custom electrical panels
  • Remote access and support
  • High pressure hydraulics and fuel system testing
  • Quality control
  • End of line testing
  • Product testing solutions
  • Process upgrades
  • Consultation
  • And more

TDI partnership with DSI

The TDI/DSI affiliation leverages more than 25 years of machining expertise to provide customers with the highest quality service in the industry. Incorporating the latest technology, modern equipment and extensive knowledge base, Design Systems, Inc. (DSI) specializes in all types of metal fabrications, design and production, machined components, special equipment, handling equipment, and machining fixtures. Through its cohesive partnership, TDI/DSI has had a long history of using creative thinking and innovative solutions to tackle countless industrial tasks.


Design Systems, Inc. provides the following machining capabilities:

  • Modern CNC equipment
  • Vertical machining centers
  • Turning centers
  • Waterjet cutting
  • Electric discharge machining (EDM)
  • Spark screens
  • Assembly and programming
  • Custom design
  • And more

We want to partner with you…

TDI/DSI forges lasting relationships with customers, taking them through each step of the process from idea generation and prototyping to design, development, and fabrication. At TDI/DSI, we view customers as partners; your ideas are important. We pride ourselves on our synthesis of your needs as we combine your visions and ours to formulate usable realities. As leaders in industrial technology we understand the importance of staying current. We provide you with the production and product testing machines and protocol that will help you keep up with demand. Further, we upgrade your current fleet before your machinery is obsolete because we know that early upgrades save you money.


TDI/DSI is a partner in production for companies in numerous industries. We specialize in the automotive and heavy equipment industries. We also outfit food processing plants, agricultural heavy machinery, textile companies, manufacturers of all sizes, and mining companies. If you manufacture or develop a product, we can supply you with the machinery, test equipment, data acquisition solutions, and upgrades that you need to be a leader of industrial technology in your specialization.


TDI/DSI is experienced with helping companies all across Illinois. See what services we already offer in your area:


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